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Aptitude test identify your
a) height, weight, and age
b) abilities and talents
c) altitude and attitude

School guidance counselors can
a) take an aptitude test for you.
b) help you understand your aptitude test results.
c) tell what your aptitudes are without talking to you or testing you.

How many career choices are there?
a) ten
b) hundreds
c) thousands

Retail merchandise is
a) products sold in stores
b) items sold to dealers
c) schools and vacant lots for sale

A professional service career might be
a) painting houses
b) selling lumber and building materials
c) teaching and nursing

A salary is money an employer pays you for your
a) benefits
b) work
c) insurance

A pension is
a) income to use when you retire
b) a place for criminals
c) a small commission

An hourly wage is
a) always $8.00
b) a certain rate of pay for each hour worked
c) a small commission

A commission is
a) a percentage paid for sales or services
b) an old church
c) the same thing as a pension

Short-term goals
a) can take the place of long-term goals
b) make sense for older people
c) help you gain experience

Setting long-term goals is
a) appropriate for everyone
b) for college graduates only
c) usually a waste of time

If you want to prepare yourself for a higher position, you should
a) forget about short-term goals
b) set long-term goals
c) move to a big city

A strong foundation of reading, math, computer, and speaking skills enables you to
a) do many job tasks
b) build your house
c) get a vacation

At work, you may need to use a computer to create
a) your grocery list
b) an email to a friend
c) memos, letters, and forms

Some jobs require you to figure out measurements such as
a) your waist size
b) distance and weight
c) smooth and rough

The online or print yellow pages may list
a) your friends’ addresses
b) the names and numbers or Web sites of vocational schools
c) the amounts of paychecks

Private vocational schools
a) cost very little money
b) advertise in the paper
c) don’t allow girls

Vocational classes are taught in places such as
a) community colleges and trade schools
b) stores and malls
c) churches and elementary schools

A community college is a
a) two-year college
b) four-year university
c) private school

Your wages are the same as
a) clinics
b) your salary
c) classes at school

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