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Which of the following statements is part of the cell theory?
a) Only plants arre composed of cells.
b) Cells are one of several basic units of structure and function in living things.
c) Cells can be produced from nonliving matter
d) All cell are produced from other cells

Which organelle is the control center of the cell?
a) mitochondrion
b) chloroplast
c) nucleus
d) ribosome

Which of the following statements is NOT part of the cell theory?
a) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things.
b) All living things are composed of cells
c) Only animals are composed of cells
d) All cells are produced from other cells.

When two or more elements combine chemically, they form a(n)
a) Lipid
b) Compound
c) Element
d) Atom

A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler elements is a (n)
a) particle
b) compound
c) carbohydrate
d) element

The invention of the microscope made it possible for people to discover what?
a) plants
b) cells
c) animals
d) skin

Sugar molecules can combine with one another to form large molecules called?
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) enzymes
d) starches

Which organelles release chemicals that break down large food particles into smaller ones?
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) vacuoles
c) lysosomes
d) Golgi Bodies

Which organelles store food and other materials needed by the cell?
a) mitochondria
b) vacuoles
c) ribosomes
d) chloroplasts

Unlike the cell wall, the cell membrane
a) is found in all cells
b) produces energy for the cell.
c) protects the nucleus with a rigid layer of cellulose
d) is made of chromatin

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