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What is an element
a) The simplest substance that cannot be broken down into any other substance
b) The smallest particle of matter
c) A molecule
d) A group of two or more atoms held together by a chemical bond

What is a compound
a) Two or more elements that are chemically combined
b) Two or more substances that are together in one place
c) The smallest particle of matter
d) A group of two or more atoms held together by a chemical bond

How do you measure the volume of an irregular shaped object
a) Submerging the object in water and subtracting the original water level value from the new water level value
b) Multiplying the object's length x width x height
c) Multiplying the object's mass x density
d) Placing the object on the triple beam balance

What holds atoms together in a molecule
a) Chemical Bonds
b) Density
c) Physical Bonds
d) Gravity

Water has a density of 1.0 g/cm cubed (note: that is cm to the 3rd power) Which of the following materials would sink to the bottom if mixed with water
a) Aluminum with density of 2.7 g/cm cubed
b) Gasoline with density of 0.7 g/cm cubed
c) Olive oil with a density of 0.93 g/cm cubed
d) Rubbing alcohol with a density of 0.79 g/cm cubed

Butter is melted in a pan. Which of the following is true about the change
a) It is a physical change that absorbed energy
b) It is a chemical change that absorbs energy
c) It is a physical change that released energy
d) It is a chemical change for which there is no change in energy

Which of the following is NOT a chemical change
a) Powdered koolaid dissolving in water
b) Leaves turning color
c) Silver tarnishing
d) Fruit ripening

Which of the following is not a physical change
a) Iron rusting
b) glass breaking
c) ice melting
d) sugar dissolving

Which of the following statements about the mass of an object is correct
a) Mass remains constant
b) Mass changes with location
c) Mass changes with altitude
d) Mass changes with gravitry

The amount of matter in an object is the measure of its
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Weight
d) Density

The formula for calculating density is
a) Mass / Volume
b) Mass x Volume
c) Mass x Weight
d) Volume / Weight

Characteristics used to describe matter are called
a) physical and chemical properties
b) physical properties
c) chemical properties
d) features

A balloon filled with air does not rise as high as a balloon filled with helium. What does this tell you about the density of helium
a) Helium is less dense than air
b) Helium is more dense than air
c) The two gases have the same density
d) When heated, helium becomes more dense

A molecule is the smallest part of a(n)
a) Substance
b) Element
c) Atom
d) Compound

A mixture of iron and sulfur can be separated by
a) Magnetic attraction
b) Distillation
c) Evaporation
d) Filtration

Compounds are formed as a result of
a) Chemical combination
b) Physical combination
c) Distillation
d) Filtration

Which of the following is not true about a pool of water and a piece of ice
a) They have different chemical properties
b) They have the same composition
c) They are different states of matter
d) They have different physical properties

Which of the following is true about matter
a) It has mass and takes up space
b) It is a solid that takes up space
c) It has mass and is usually a liquid
d) It is always a substance

The physical property that makes metal pots good for cooking is...
a) heat conductivity
b) flexibility
c) electrical conductivity
d) flammability

What is an atom
a) The basic particle which all elements are made of
b) A mixture of substances
c) A group of two or more molecules bonded together
d) Part of a heterogeneous mixture

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