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The following is not mentioned in the Constitution
a) political parties
b) for year terms for president
c) two house legislature
d) none of the choices

One difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate is
a) the House is controlled by small states
b) the House serves longer terms than the Senate
c) the House has more members than the Senate
d) none of the choices

Arguments in favor of the Bank of the US for Hamilton included all EXCEPT
a) the bank would provide a sound, uniform currency
b) the bank would provide loans tothe government
c) the bank was a safe place for the government to deposit its money
d) the bank would be part of the US Treasury and under its control

Jeffersonian Federalists, unlike the Federalists,
a) objected to the interference of the national government in the economy
b) were pro England in disputes between England and France
c) supported taxes
d) wanted a national bank

Opposition to Jay's Treaty and other Federalist acts led to
a) the election of Jefferson
b) an armed uprising by the Jeffersonian Federalists
c) the rise of political parties
d) new amendments to the Articles of Confederation

The Whiskey Rebellion occurred because of
a) the stills all were dry
b) federal excise tax
c) the French Revolution
d) Jay's Treaty

In 1800 who was elected President
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) George Washington
d) John Adams

Gathering information about natural resources west of the Mississippi was what expedition's goal
a) Lewis and Dean
b) Crosby and Hope
c) Jordan and Bryant
d) Lewis and Clark

Judicial review allows federal courts to decide
a) if legislative acts should be signed into law
b) if state and federal laws are constitutional
c) size of the military
d) who should be a judge

Whose policies best fit the Whiskey Rebellion
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) Ben Franklin
d) George Washington

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