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Which river does Syria, Jordan and Israel share?
a) Tigris
b) Euphrates
c) Nile
d) Jordan

What major problem does chemical fertilizers cause for farmers?
a) Fetilizers are too expensive.
b) Chemical fertilizers are making the farm animals sick.
c) Chemicals have led to the build-up of salt levels in the soil.
d) Few countries in S.W Asia make fertilizers.

Why are'nt desalination and drip irrigation used more in Southwest Asia?
a) Desalination and irrigation drips are too expensive
b) Most countries do npt know about desalination and irrigation.
c) Drip irrigatin is not very effective in hot, dry climate.
d) Few countries have access to seawater.

How has the use of chemical fertilizers affected water supplies in many countres in S.W Asia?
a) Chemical fertilizers have very little affect on local water supplies.
b) Water supplies have been contaminated by the chemicals through runoff from the fields.
c) Large amoungs of water must be used to produce chemical fertilizers.
d) Using chemical fertilizers means crops must be watered constantly.

Many of S.W Asia's largest cities are build on or near....
a) large grasslands
b) deserts
c) mountain ranges
d) major rivers

People living in the deserts of S.W Asia have usally made their living by....
a) working in oil industries
b) mining and hired labor
c) trading animals and handmade goods
d) farming

The Bedouins are people of S. W Asia that have lived in and around
a) urban areas
b) oil fields
c) major rivers
d) major deserts

Which country is not causing the Jordan River to shrink?
a) Jordan
b) India
c) Syria
d) Israel

In which country do the Tigris and Euphrates River join?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Israel
d) Kuwait

Which physical feature is densely populated, 25 miles long, 4-5 miles wide, is politically unstable and largely populated with refugees?
a) Euphrates River
b) Gaza Strip
c) Jordan River
d) Suez Canal

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