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What are the five themes of culture?
a) Language, Religion, Government, Economy, Customs
b) Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness
c) Painting, Music, Art, Language, and Money
d) Limited, Unlimited, Mixed, Command, and Free Enterprise

Which type of government do the United States, Canada, and Mexico have?
a) Command
b) Free Enterprise
c) Limited
d) Unlimited

Diego Rivera's paintings often showed his concern for -
a) women's rights
b) workers
c) children
d) immigrants

Where are most Canadian cities located?
a) near Alaska
b) near the US border
c) near Mexico
d) in the middle of Canada

Where did democracy begin?
a) Greece
b) France
c) England
d) China

Which people created a culture region in Canada?
a) French
b) British
c) Chinese
d) Africans

In this type of government, leaders have ALL the power.
a) Limited
b) Unlimited
c) Economy
d) Language

In this type of government, the PEOPLE have rights.
a) Limited
b) Unlimited
c) Economy
d) Language

Examples of this industry include: waitress, teacher, doctor, and soldier.
a) Manufacturing
b) Service
c) Agricultural
d) None

This industry produced TANGIBLE (touchable) goods.
a) Manufacturing
b) Service
c) Agricultural
d) None

The US has this type of economy, because we are free to make our own business decisions.
a) Command
b) Market (Free Enterprise)
c) Mixed
d) None

What part of America has good access to water and fertile soil, allowing farming to be one of its biggest industries (jobs)?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Rio Grande
c) Great Plains
d) East Coast

Where is it difficult to transport goods?
a) Rio Grande
b) Canadian cities
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Great Plains

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