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Which phrase best describes the Sahara region?
a) Hot, dry desert
b) Rolling grassland
c) Tropical rainforest
d) Scattered grassland and scrub brush

What is a nomad?
a) Plantation owners who live along the coast
b) Industrial workers who live in African cities.
c) One who wanders from place to place to find food and water
d) Those who live and farm in the villages on the edge of the desert.

Which phrase best describes the Sahel?
a) An area that borders the desert
b) Rolling grasslands and low hills
c) A desert made up of high sand dunes
d) Cleared land that was once a rainforest

Why is farming so difficult in the African Sahel?
a) No rain falls in the Sahel at all.
b) Thick grass makes farming difficult
c) Rainfall can vary widely from year to year.
d) Farm animals in the Sahel eat up all the crops.

What is the most common way people make a living in the Sahel?
a) Logging
b) Fishing and shipbuilding
c) Caravan trade in gold and salt
d) Herding and subsistence farming.

Which is a consequence of cutting down trees for fuel in the Sahel?
a) Civil War
b) Desertification
c) Overpopulation
d) Wealthy Loggers

Which phrase best describes the savanna?
a) A semi-arid region just south of the Sahara Desert
b) An area of harsh desert in the north of the continent.
c) Grasslands making up half of the African continent.
d) An area of fertile plain along the Mediterranean coast.

Which phrase best describes the rainforest?
a) Hot and dry desert
b) Semi-arid farmland
c) Rolling grassy plains
d) Humid and warm with thick vegetation

In what part of Africa is the largest rainforest found?
a) The Nile River Basin
b) The Niger River basin.
c) The Congo River basin
d) The Mediterranean coast.

Which is a factor in the destruction of the African rainforest?
a) Annual grass fires
b) Areas of decreasing desert
c) Rapidly growing population
d) Decreased use of wood as fuel

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