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The process by which an organism's internal environment us kept in balance despite changes outside is
a) healing
b) stress
c) homeostasis
d) respiration

Messages are carried back and forth between the brain and every part of the body by
a) digestive tissue
b) epithelial tissue
c) muscle tissue
d) nerve tissue

Which 2 systems work together when you run away from a robber?
a) digestive and nervous
b) reproductive and endocrine
c) muscular and skeletal
d) excritory and respiratory

A group of cells that perform a similar function is called
a) a tissue
b) an organ
c) a cell
d) an organ system

Your stomach is lined with
a) nerve tissue
b) epithelial tissue
c) muscle tissue
d) connective tissue

The basic unit of structure and function in the body is
a) tissue
b) cell
c) organ
d) nucleus

What structure forms the outside of an animal cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) cell wall
c) cell membrane
d) nucleus

What organ system makes blood cells?
a) nervous system
b) skeletal system
c) muscular system
d) circulatory system

What is NOT a function of the skeleton?
a) obtaining oxygen
b) providing shape and support for the body
c) making blood cells
d) protecting organs

The bones that form the backbone are called
a) carpals
b) metatarsals
c) phalanges
d) vertebrae

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