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The drugstore in town is open today.
a) the drugstore
b) drugstore in
c) in town
d) is open

After the storm everyone got busy cleaning the debris.
a) after the storm
b) everyone
c) got busy
d) cleaning the debris

The doctor is working very hard in the emergency clinic.
a) the doctor
b) is working
c) very hard
d) in the emergency clinic

In town people are getting ready to celebrate the holidays.
a) In town
b) people are
c) getting ready
d) to celebrate

The presents were wrapped with care and placed on the table.
a) presents
b) were wrapped
c) with care
d) and placed

The firefighters are rushing into the burning house.
a) the firefighters
b) are rushing
c) rushing into
d) into the burning house

Lightning flashes around the clouds.
a) lightning flashes
b) flashes around
c) around the
d) around the clouds

In the morning a bunch of kids will be waiting to open their gifts.
a) in the morning
b) a bunch
c) will be waiting
d) to open

Several jumpers pushed from the plane too early.
a) several jumpers
b) pushed from
c) from the plane
d) too early

The team with the red flag was winning the race this morning.
a) the team
b) with the red flag
c) was winning
d) this morning

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