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What is it called when loose rocks fall down a steep slope?
a) Rockfall
b) landlside
c) mudflow
d) cliff crash

What is a sudden rapid movement of a large amount material downslope?
a) rockfall
b) landslide
c) mudflow
d) cliff fall

Erosion NOT caused by which of the following?
a) Gravity
b) Wind
c) Ice
d) Sun

What is the place where land and a body of water meet?
a) Shoreline
b) delta
c) cliffside
d) beach

What is a flat area with many layers of deposited sediment known as?
a) delta
b) dunes
c) floodplain
d) plains

What is a fan shaped deposit that forms on dry land?
a) Alluvial Fan
b) Delta
c) Floodplain
d) Oxbow Lake

What are mounds of wind deposited sand?
a) mountains
b) glaciers
c) drifts
d) dunes

What is the area where streams often deposit their load in a fan shaped pattern; very rich in sediment and nutrients known as?
a) mouth
b) plains
c) delta
d) plateau

What is the general term for all of the materials carried and deposited by a glacier?
a) Glacial Load
b) Glacial Drift
c) Glacial rock
d) Glacial sediment

Thick deposits of sediment are known as ___________.
a) mud
b) loess
c) dunes
d) sediment drift

What is water located within the rocks below Earth's surface?
a) Lake water
b) groundwater
c) contained water
d) rock water

A large mass of moving ice that forms by compacting of snow by natural forces is known as a
a) iceberg
b) snow drift
c) snow pack
d) glacier

What is the amount of water a stream carries in a given amount of time?
a) Discharge
b) Load
c) Gradient
d) Depostion

The materials carried by a stream is referred to as the streams ______.
a) discharge
b) gradient
c) Contents
d) Load

What is the measure of the change in elevation over a certain distance?
a) Discharge
b) Gradient
c) Load
d) Flood

What is the process by which eroded materials are dropped?
a) Erosion
b) Deposition
c) Weathering
d) Abrasion

What is the process of the breaking down of rock into smaller pieces?
a) Erosion
b) Deposition
c) Weathering
d) Abrasion

What is the process by which sediment and other materials are moved from one place to another.
a) Erosion
b) Depostion
c) Weathering
d) Abrasion

What is a rapid movement of a large mass of mud?
a) mudflow
b) rockfall
c) landslide
d) cliff fall

What is an area of the crust that caves in due to erosion by groundwater of the bedrock below?
a) Sinkhole
b) Sea Cave
c) Crater
d) Erosion Pit

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