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Since he seldom spoke, kept to himself and had no close friends, everyone considered him an _________________
a) narcissist
b) nostalgic
c) enigma
d) antagonist

It took hours for his mother to____________________his fears enough to get him to go to the pool for swim lessons.
a) embellish
b) assuage
c) squabble
d) alleviate

All he did was push the toy truck off the sidewalk so the blind man wouldn't trip, but he tried to ________________the story so much that you would think he has saved him from a pack of wolves.
a) engender
b) assuage
c) activate
d) embellish

There is no single way to __________________________a love of reading, but it helps to have a lot of books around the house.
a) engender
b) alleviate
c) embellish
d) assuage

His science fiction film poster collection looked like a crazy ___________________of space aliens and freaks.
a) squabble
b) menagerie
c) antagonism
d) diatribe

Football star Merlin Olsen never tried to hide his __________________________________towards Conrad Dobler, whom Olsen considered a dirty, cheap-shot type of player.
a) antagonism
b) nemesis
c) anonymity
d) enigma

Adolf Hitler was, fortunately, unsuccessful in his hateful attempt to completely ______________________________Jews from the face of the earth.
a) assuage
b) embellish
c) ebb
d) obliterate

Whenever I hear certain songs, I feel an overwhelming______________________________for my long-deceased parents.
a) ardent
b) nostalgia
c) disdain
d) diffusion

She might think she is Elvis' most_________________fan, but no one cares about that after she broke into Graceland and tried to steal one of his jumpsuits.
a) nemesis
b) ardent
c) arid
d) malignant

It was a huge shock to the family when they moved from the _________________climate of Nevada to the humid forests of Mississippi.
a) malignant
b) arid
c) murky
d) dormant

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