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In Pharaoh's dreams, what did the seven thin cows and the seven thin heads of grain represent (Genesis 41, verses 25-27)?
a) Seven years of disease
b) Seven cities of Israel
c) Seven natural disasters
d) Seven years of famine

In Pharaoh's dreams, what did the seven healthy cows and seven healthy heads of grain represent (Genesis 41, verses 26+27)?
a) Seven generations of Pharaohs family
b) Seven sons of Joseph
c) Seven years of prosperity
d) The seven seas

What happened in Pharaoh's second dream (Genesis 41, verses 5-7)?
a) Floods of the Nile destroyed Egypt
b) Seven shriveled heads of grain swallowed up seven plump heads of grain
c) His brother died of hunger
d) Joseph escaped from prison

In Pharaoh's first dream, what ate the seven healthy cows (Genesis 41, verses 1-4)?
a) scrawny thin cows
b) Nile crocodiles
c) snakes
d) locusts

What recommendation did Joseph make to Pharaoh in response to his dreams (Genesis 41, verses 33-36)?
a) Collect one fifth of the crops during the good years and store them away for the seven years of famine
b) Move somewhere else, far away
c) Fight wars with other regions and steal their food
d) Ignore it, it's just a dream!

Who did Pharaoh appoint to be in charge of all of Egypt (Genesis 42, verses 41-44)?
a) Reuben
b) Judah
c) Joseph
d) Bob

What did Jacob do when he heard their was grain in Egypt (Genesis 42, verses 1-3)?
a) He went there himself to go get some.
b) He sent ALL of his sons to Egypt to get grain.
c) He sent all of his sons, except for Benjamin.
d) He sent his son Reuben to get some grain from Egypt.

Why did Joseph accuse his brothers of being spies (Genesis 42, Genesis 43, verses 3-10)?
a) It was part of his plan to see his father and younger brother Benjamin.
b) To get revenge on them for selling him into Egypt.
c) Because they were planning on stealing all of the grain he had saved.
d) He wanted them to be in prison so he could return to his father.

What did Joseph say to his brothers about their selling him into slavery in Egypt?
a) That they should be punished for what they had done.
b) It was all part of God's plan to save many people from the famine
c) They should live in fear, because he would eventually pay them back.
d) They should be ashamed forever at what they had done.

Which of his brothers did Joseph set up by saying he had stolen his cup (Genesis 44, verses 1-11)?
a) Simeon
b) Judah
c) Levi
d) Benjamin

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