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The lady in the black coat was looking suspicious.
a) lady
b) coat
c) was
d) looking

The house beside the dark forest is spooky.
a) forest
b) house
c) is
d) spooky

The song on the cd is amazing.
a) amazing
b) is
c) cd
d) song

A man in a clown suit scared the children last night.
a) man
b) clown
c) scared
d) children

The witness for the defense had a lot of evidence.
a) evidence
b) defense
c) witness
d) had

The girls always wanted to visit the park beside the lake.
a) girls
b) visit
c) park
d) lake

People in the news are frequently embarrassed.
a) People
b) news
c) are
d) embarrassed

We only want the variety show with the best acts to perform tomorrow.
a) We
b) want
c) variety show
d) acts

The kids under the carport are coloring their pictures.
a) pictures
b) coloring
c) carport
d) kids

Will you cook me a pack of Ramen noodles?
a) Will cook
b) you
c) pack
d) Ramen noodles

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