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What is the closest planet to the sun?
a) Earth
b) Venus
c) Mercury
d) Saturn

What is the farthest planet from the sun?
a) Neptune
b) Uranus
c) Jupiter
d) Mars

What is the largest object in the solar system?
a) Jupiter
b) The sun
c) The moon
d) Earth

What is the largest planet in the solar system?
a) Saturn
b) The Sun
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

About how far is it from the sun to Earth?
a) 50 million miles
b) 150 million miles
c) 93 million miles
d) 9 million miles

An astronomical unit is equal to how many miles?
a) 93 million
b) 100 million
c) 9 million
d) 1 million

How many planets in the solar system have a ring system?
a) 1
b) 8
c) 4
d) 2

The inner planets are also known as the __________________ planets
a) Terrestrial
b) Gas Giants

The outer planets are also known as the ___________________
a) Gas Giants
b) Terrestrial Planets

In a geocentric system...what object is in the center of the solar system?
a) The Sun
b) The Moon
c) Jupiter
d) Earth

In a heliocentric system...what object is in the center of the solar system
a) The Sun
b) The Moon
c) Earth
d) Neptune

Which early astronomer discovered four moons around Jupiter?
a) Kepler
b) Galileo
c) Brahe
d) Copernicus

What do we call it when the planets appear to move the wrong way across the sky?
a) Rotation
b) Revolution
c) Retrograde
d) Light Year

Which planet is NOT visible in the sky without the use of a telescope?
a) Neptune
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Mercury

Which planet has the largest and most famous ring system?
a) Uranus
b) Saturn
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

Which of these objects did early astronomers NOT see in the night sky?
a) Planets
b) Stars
c) Satellites
d) Comets

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