Unit 2 Psy Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 32298)

Biological Basis Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The right hemisphere of the brain is superior to the left hemisphere in:
a) reading a book to a child
b) understanding simple verbal requests
c) sloving math problems
d) recognizing people's faces

Split-brain patients have had their ______________ surgically cut.
a) corpus callosum
b) sensory systems
c) limbic system
d) cerebral lobes

The external part of the ear that helps catch sound is the:
a) cochlea
b) tympanic membrane
c) pinna
d) ossicles

The synapse is crossed because of the presence of __________.
a) neurotransmitters
b) myelin
c) axons
d) dendrites

EEG is to CT as
a) recordings of brain waves is to radioactive emissions
b) x-ray photographs is to recordings of brain waves
c) recordings of brain waves is to x-ray photographs
d) radioactive emmissions is to recordings of brain waves

Herbie was in a terrible car accident and sustained head injuries. He is able to speak but nothing he hears makes any sense to him. He can see people talking but it is all jumbled. Which of these structures was probably injured in his accident?
a) Broca's area
b) Wernicke's area
c) the hippocampus
d) the hypothalamus

During REM, we experience paradoxical sleep. Which of the statements below best describes what is happening
a) We are in restorative sleep.
b) Our brains are active but our bodies cannot move.
c) Our brains and bodies show increased activity.
d) Our brains and bodies show a decreased level of activity.

Staring at a flag that is green, yellow and blue and then looking at a white wall and seeing the flag as an after-image in red, white and blue supports which theory of color?
a) opponent - process theory
b) all-or-nothing theory
c) rod and cone firing theory
d) trichromatic theory

Looking at a restaurant sign that has some light bulbs burnt out and yet still being able to read the whole word OPEN even though not all parts of the letters are visible is an example of which Gestalt law?
a) proximity
b) good figure
c) figure-ground
d) closure

The cochlea is to the _____________ as the _________ is to the eye for transduction.
a) eye; eardrum
b) ear; retina
c) ear; rods and cones
d) eye; retina

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