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What were the Spanish religious communities called in the Americas?
a) pueblos
b) missions
c) peninsulares
d) presidio

How were the Native Americans treated when the Spanish came to the Americas?
a) slaves and forced to convert to Christianity
b) business partners
c) respectfully
d) equals

What did the French want to establish in the Americas?
a) gold and silver mines
b) a fishing and fur trade
c) new communities
d) a slave trade

Which European nation controlled most of the Americas (both North and South)?
a) Netherlands
b) England
c) France
d) Spain

Which group maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans?
a) Spanish
b) Dutch
c) English
d) French

Christopher Columbus' voyages across the Atlantic led to
a) a decline in Europe's population as a result of new diseases.
b) an exchange of people, foods, and germs between Europe and the Americas.
c) a race between Spain and India to claim large parts of the Americas.
d) the introduction of slavery to Spain and other parts of Europe.

In New France, French fur traders turned Native Americans into
a) captive slaves
b) hired servants
c) business partners
d) Catholic converts

Which of these was a major motivation for European exploration?
a) power
b) leisure
c) freedom
d) education

Which of these was a goal of the Spanish conquistadors who came to the Americas?
a) to trade with the native peoples
b) to conquer a large empire for Spain
c) to establish agricultural communities
d) to learn about the culture of the Aztec people

Which of these was a goal of the first European explorers?
a) to establish trading posts
b) to find a water route to Asia
c) to exchange ideas with native peoples
d) to explore North and South America

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