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What does the owl stand for on the FFA emblem?
a) knowledge and wisdom
b) promise of a new day
c) unity
d) freedom and national scope

What does the rising sun stand for on the FFA emblem?
a) unity
b) hard work
c) knowledge and wisdom
d) promise of a new day

What does the eagle represent on the FFA emblem?
a) knowledge and wisdom
b) hard work
c) freedom and national scope
d) unity

How many sentences are in the FFA creed?
a) 10
b) 8
c) 6
d) 3

What is the official salute of the FFA?
a) The Pledge of Allegiance
b) The FFA Creed
c) FFA Opening Ceremonies
d) The FFA Salute

What is the last line of the FFA motto?
a) Doing to learn
b) Earning to live
c) Living to serve
d) Learning to do

What is the first line of the FFA Motto?
a) Learning to do
b) Living to serve
c) I believe
d) Doing to learn

What does each paragraph of the FFA Creed start with?
a) I have a dream
b) I believe
c) Agricultural education
d) FFA is the future

Who wrote the FFA Creed?
a) E.K. Walker
b) Ms. Bogart
c) Leslie Applegate
d) E.M. Tiffany

How many paragraphs does the FFA Creed have?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 3
d) 2

What are the three parts of the FFA mission statement?
a) Better farming, better speakers, traveling a lot
b) Premier Landscaping, Financial Success, Growing your business
c) Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, Career Success
d) Premier Farming, Personal Growth, Leadership Success

What does the cross section ear of corn stand for on the FFA emblem?
a) Unity
b) Promise of a new day
c) Hard work
d) Knowledge and wisdom

What does the plow stand for on the FFA emblem?
a) Knowledge and wisdom
b) Unity
c) Hard work
d) freedom and national scope

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