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What is deep space?
a) the lowest point in the universe
b) the area of space outside Earth’s atmosphere
c) the area of space outside our solar system
d) the area of space outside our galaxy

Why are people interested in space exploration?
a) Exploring space helps us understand how our world began and lets us confirm or disprove theories.
b) There could be life out there, which could be exciting to discover.
c) Space contains many beautiful and interesting features.
d) All of the above

How do stars differ from one another?
a) They are the same in every way except size and temperature.
b) They can be different in height, weight, age, and health.
c) They can be different in size, color, temperature, brightness, and life span.
d) All stars are essentially the same.

Which deep-space feature forms when a star collapses and then explodes?
a) black hole
b) supernova
c) exoplanet
d) all of the above

A light-year is a measurement of
a) time
b) speed
c) distance
d) capacity

How does the big bang theory explain the origin of the universe?
a) It claims that the universe formed when two large galaxies collided.
b) It claims that someday the universe will be destroyed in a giant explosion.
c) It claims that the universe formed from a series of small explosions, and it is now shrinking.
d) It claims that the universe formed from a single, enormous explosion, and it is still expanding.

Which statement about star life cycles is true?
a) Stars are said to have life cycles because they change as they go through stages.
b) A star’s life cycle is most similar to the life cycle of reptiles.
c) A star’s life cycle is most similar to the life cycle of mammals.
d) A star’s life cycle typically lasts for hundreds of years.

A stars' brightness or luminosity can be explained by its...
a) size and distance from Earth
b) size and temperature
c) distance from Earth and temperature
d) color and life span

Any planet that exists OUTSIDE the solar system is a(n)
a) nebula
b) protoplanet
c) exoplanet
d) supernova

Our solar system is in the ______ galaxy.
a) Andromeda
b) Milky Way
c) Centauri
d) Wolf

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