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A Review Of Observations, Inference, And Predictions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Sixteen students liked the movie.
a) Qualitative Observation
b) Quantitative Observation
c) Inference
d) Prediction

The ball was round, smooth, and about 10 cm in diameter.
a) Inference
b) Observation
c) Prediction

Which is a prediction?
a) My brother is tired so he won't want to play with me.
b) The strong winds will knock down some trees.
c) It is 15 degrees outside.
d) My backpack got muddy because it rained.

Assuming the ground is wet because it rained is called...
a) a qualitative observation.
b) a quantitative observation.
c) an inference.
d) a prediction.

When you smell your dinner burning, you are making...
a) a qualitative observation.
b) a quantitative observation.
c) an inference.
d) a prediction.

Saying someone is happy is an
a) inference
b) observation
c) prediction

Which of the following is a conclusion or explanation?
a) qualitative observation
b) quantitative observation
c) inference
d) prediction

Which words are often clues to inferences?
a) because and so
b) will be
c) numbers and measurements
d) color and shape

All observations require the use of
a) guessing.
b) predictions.
c) your senses.
d) numbers and measurements.

Hearing an lion roar is an example of...
a) an inference
b) a prediction
c) a quantitative observation
d) a qualitative observation

Which is a qualitative observation?
a) The wood will catch on fire.
b) Her hair is wet because she took a shower.
c) My shirt is wrinkled.

When you are talking about something that might happen in the future it is called a...
a) prediction
b) qualitative observation
c) quantitative observation
d) inference

Which are FACTS and can't be debated?
a) predictions
b) observations
c) inferences

If you are observing a dog, a good inference might be...
a) The dog is young because it is chewing a lot.
b) The dog is light brown.
c) The dog can roll over on demand.
d) The dog's fur is sticky.

Which is a qualitative observation?
a) The tree is 10 meters tall.
b) The tree is starting to die.
c) The tree will die soon.
d) The tree is leaning to the north.

When you put observations together with what you already know you make a...
a) quantitative observation
b) prediction
c) inference
d) opinion

Observations that include numbers or measurements are called...
a) quizzical
b) quantitative
c) qualitative
d) quartered

A scientist observes a rock. An example of an inference would be...
a) The rock was once under great pressure.
b) The rock is 16.5cm long.
c) The rock has rounded edges.
d) The rocks has large crystals.

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