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What major body of water served as a trading route between Rome and the rest of the world?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Gulf of Mexico

Which of these is the BEST reason for the growth of the Roman Empire?
a) The military was powerful and conquered neighboring lands
b) Barbarian invasions
c) The spread of Greek polytheism
d) Romulus killed his brother

What was the problem with the Roman empire increasing in size?
a) The empire ran out of fresh water
b) The empire became too large to manage and protect
c) The empire ran out of gunpowder
d) The empire ran out of building materials

Which of these was not a Roman innovation
a) Roman roads
b) Aquaducts
c) Arches
d) Mathematics

What was the name of the capital of the Eastern empire?
a) Constantinople
b) Rome
c) Paris
d) Carthage

This religion was eventually adopted by the Roman Empire after years of persecution
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Greek Polytheism

This emperor split the empire into two
a) Diocletian
b) Constantine
c) Augustus
d) Claudius

He was the first Christian emperor of Rome
a) Diocletian
b) Augustus
c) Constantine
d) Julius Ceasar

This Roman invention or innovation helped move water from the mountains to the city
a) Roads
b) Aquaducts
c) Military
d) Electricity

Who was the first Emperor of Rome?
a) Romulus
b) Constantine
c) Justinian
d) Augustus

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