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Who comes up with the idea of a website?
a) web designer
b) web master
c) programmer
d) software developer

Who is W3C?
a) Worldwide Censor
b) World Wide Consortium
c) Words With Colors
d) Wild With Chrome

When is your test?
a) today
b) tomorrow
c) next week
d) friday

Which is the domain name in the website address http://www.mrslgipson.weebly.com?
a) www.
b) http://
c) mrslgipson
d) weebly.com

Which is NOT a web browser?
a) Google Chrome
b) Internet Exploxer
c) Twitter
d) Opera

HTML stands for
a) Hyper Text Markup Language
b) Hyper Time Machine Looks
c) Happy Times Make Laughter
d) Hyper Tests Marks Links

CSS refer to
a) the look of your powerpoint
b) the style of your website
c) the facts of your website
d) all mandatory codes

Define URL
a) Umiform Reform Locate
b) Uninform Records Labels
c) Uniform Recource Locator
d) Unfortunate Reinforce Locator

The internet is
a) a means of communication
b) is similiar to a telephone
c) is greatly used by most students
d) all of the above

What's the most important rule in web design?
a) Make your website easy to read
b) Make your everyone likes it
c) Make sure you use bright colors
d) Make sure you earn an A on your project

What is the KISS method?
a) keep it simple students
b) keep it showy stupid
c) Keep in sound style
d) Keyboard input screen speaker

Which is NOT a service provider?
a) AT and T
b) Comcast
c) Facebook

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