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Organisms that feed on dead animal matter are called
a) Scavengers
b) Decomposers
c) Producers
d) Secondary consumers

What type of organisms use sunlight to make their own food?
a) Primary consumers
b) Producers
c) Decomposers
d) Secondary consumers

Which of the following is a model that shows a feeding relationship between a single producer and a series of consumers in an ecosystem?
a) Food web
b) Energy pyramid
c) Food chain
d) Predation

In an ecosystem, what type of organisms receive the least amount of energy from their food?
a) Producers
b) Primary consumers
c) Secondary consumers
d) Decomposers

Food webs:
a) show how organisms play a variety of roles in different food chains.
b) show the amount of energy available to living things within an ecosystem
c) show the feeding relationship between a single producer and a chain of consumers

Rabbits are an example of what type of organism?
a) Producer
b) Decomposer
c) Primary consumer
d) Secondary consumer

Which type of organisms "recycle" energy in an environment?
a) Producers
b) Primary consumers
c) Secondary consumers
d) Decomposers

Arrows in a food chain or food web:
a) point toward the sun
b) point in the direction that the energy flows
c) connect producers and secondary consumers

Which of the following is a possible food chain?
a) Mushroom --> Worm --> Bird
b) Seaweed --> Fish --> Shark
c) Ant --> Grass --> Rabbit
d) Corn --> Deer --> Cow

Each individual member of a population is a(n):
a) Organism
b) Producer
c) Community
d) Animal

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