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He was obsessed with his health and practiced _________________from meat, fried foods and alcohol.
a) diffusion
b) nepotism
c) abstinence
d) solicitude

If you immigrate to Mexico, you will not survive or ____________________if you don't learn the Spanish language.
a) assimilate
b) meander
c) acquiesce
d) squabble

I love to walk at night through the _____________________fog.
a) effervescent
b) murky
c) diffident
d) ambulatory

It gets very tiresome and annoying to hear young students_________________among themselves, telling each other to shut up.
a) squabble
b) acquiesce
c) scoff
d) disdain

Aspirin, Ibuprofin and Acetomenaphine are all drugs that ________________________pain.
a) dismantle
b) ebb
c) alleviate
d) maim

Volcanoes, bears and even diseases have periods when they are simply not active. Instead, they are_________
a) magnanimous
b) meticulous
c) analogous
d) dormant

No matter how busy he was, he showed great ____________________toward his mother, visiting her in the hospital every night after work.
a) nepotism
b) solicitude
c) narcissism
d) disdain

Every time she thought he was in his office, he had already left, proving to be too________________to find at work.
a) elusive
b) nonchalant
c) dormant
d) ambulatory

He was the life of the party with his _____________________personality and engaging sense of humor.
a) morbid
b) solicitous
c) effervescent
d) nonchalant

After everyone gossiping about her in the small town of Quitman, she loved the ____________________of living in a city like Los Angeles.
a) nepotism
b) anonymity
c) solicitude
d) diffusion

Only a ____________________________would go to the library three times a day.
a) diatribe
b) diminution
c) bibliophile
d) distraught

She seemed very_______________________about the modeling job at the interview, but everyone knew how badly she wanted to be hired.
a) malignant
b) elusive
c) dormant
d) nonchalant

Jake La Motta fought his__________________________, Sugar Ray Robinson six times, but only beat him once.
a) nemesis
b) abstinence
c) diatribe
d) bibliophile

Just because I hired my wife doesn't make me guilty of _____________________________.
a) narcissism
b) nepotism
c) perjury
d) effeervescence

The surfer calculated the waves by observing the ___________________of the tides.
a) nepotism
b) squabble
c) abstinence
d) ebb

Even though he insulted my brother, I refuse to hold any ____________________towards him.
a) diffidence
b) acclaim
c) animosity
d) narcissism

I didn't mean to_______________________him, but when he stuck his finger in the gun, I accidentally squeezed the trigger.
a) disdain
b) acquiesce
c) maim
d) scoff

Mom hated Italian food, but decided to _________________when everyone else wanted to eat at the Olive Garden.
a) acquiesce
b) dismantle
c) meander
d) ebb

With the ridiculous salaries and the people who surround them telling them how important they are, it is no wonder that so many celebrities start to believe it and become victims of their own ________________________.
a) nepotism
b) animosity
c) anonymity
d) narcissism

His mom bought him the Ludacris CD, but changed her mind and felt very______________________when she heard the lyrics that came out of his stereo.
a) munificent
b) dormant
c) distraught
d) didactic

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