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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a mineral?
a) It is formed in nature.
b) It is a living material.
c) It has a crystalline structure.
d) It is a solid.

What are the two major groups of minerals?
a) metallic and nonmetallic
b) native elements and carbonate
c) chemical composition
d) silicate and nonsilicate

The groupings silicate and nonsilicate minerals are based on
a) organic content
b) gas and liquid state
c) chemical composition
d) color

A silicate mineral must contain
a) silicon and oxygen
b) oxygen and carbon
c) carbon and hydrogen
d) silicon and carbon

Which of the following is NOT true of minerals?
a) they are liquids
b) they are formed in nature
c) they are inorganic
d) they have a crystalline structure

Which of the following is a class of nonsilicate minerals?
a) oxygenated
b) chemical
c) native elements
d) organics

A repeating pattern of atoms or compounds in a mineral is called
a) mineral structure
b) crystalline structure
c) compound structure
d) elemental structure

More than 90% of Earth's crust is made up of __________________ minerals.
a) nonsilicate
b) chemicalized
c) water
d) silicate

A ___________________ is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
a) atom
b) compound
c) element
d) mineral

A ___________________ is when two or more atoms are joined together and form something new.
a) atom
b) compound
c) element
d) mineral

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