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Elie grew up in this town.
a) Hungary
b) Ghetto
c) Sighet
d) Buna

A Kaddish is...
a) A Jewish prayer
b) A holy book.
c) A concentration camp.
d) A holiday.

The Red Army was...
a) The German Army.
b) The SS.
c) The Guerilla Army.
d) The Soviet Army.

The Jewish prisoner leaders in concentrations camps were called...
a) Kaddishes
b) SS
c) Kapos
d) Rabbis

A scholar and teacher in the Hebrew faith
a) Rabbi
b) Kaddish
c) Kapo
d) Synagogue

A Hebrew house of worship is called...
a) a rabbi
b) a synagogue
c) a Kaddish
d) a kapo

The compilation of Jewish Oral Traditions is called...
a) the Kaddish.
b) the Kapo.
c) the Talmud.
d) the Rabbi.

The SS Doctor in charge of Auschwitz was...
a) Josef Mengele
b) Heinrich Himmler
c) Adolph Hitler
d) Mier Katz

Intestinal disease many fell ill with in the camps was...
a) emigration
b) mountebanks
c) dysentery
d) fascism

The Jewish New Year is called...
a) Passover
b) Kaddish
c) Zionism
d) Rosh Hashana

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