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The Reconstruction plan put forward by Congress placed the Southern states under whose rule?
a) the United States military
b) Congress
c) the Northern states
d) President

What was the most important work of the Freedmen's Bureau?
a) helping newly freed people secure their rights
b) helping newly freed people find jobs
c) teaching newly freed people to read and write
d) giving newly freed people their own land

Who did the Homestead Act give land to?
a) settlers who lived on the land for five years
b) settlers who planted a tree on the land
c) settlers who paid a finder's fee
d) settlers who built a house within one year

Segregation is
a) the denying of people's right to vote
b) the encouraging of people to fight for their rights
c) the keeping of people in separate groups based on race
d) the providing of freedom for all people

Why did the United States want Native Americans to live on reservations?
a) so the United States could tax Native Americans
b) so settlers could use the land
c) so soldiers could hunt all the buffalo
d) so immigrants could build big cities

What did Chief Joseph mean when he said that From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever?
a) When the sun showed it was noon, he would never fight Native American soldiers again.
b) When the sun showed it was noon, he would stop fighting.
c) From this moment he would never fight U.S. soldiers again.
d) From this moment, he would never give up.

Thousands of railroad workers came from which two immigrant groups?
a) British and German
b) Chinese and Irish
c) Greek and Italian
d) Polish and Russian

How many hours a day did many people work in mills and factories in the late 1800's?
a) 5 to 7 hours
b) 7 to 9 hours
c) 10 to 12 hours
d) 14 to 16 hours

Most new immigrants to the United States struggled to...
a) learn English
b) discover gold
c) find transportation west
d) develop new inventions

Jane Addams founded what in 1889?
a) Settlement House
b) labor unions
c) the Homestead Act
d) Hull House

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