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The child was hit in the hed by a pie.
a) child
b) hed
c) pie

Jayde will have a great big smil in May.
a) great
b) smil
c) May

I heard a clap of thunder in the ski and shut my eyes.
a) clap
b) shut
c) ski

The crop of corn growes very slow.
a) crop
b) slow
c) growes

I mite fail my math class because I got a bad grade on my test.
a) mite
b) fail
c) grade

The merchant sold the gold rows to the young princesses.
a) sold
b) grow
c) rows

Come see the wis artist paint.
a) come
b) paint
c) wis

Turn right here so we don't mis the plays.
a) right
b) mis
c) plays

The lof of bread was as gold as the Sun in May.
a) lof
b) gold
c) May

I hope my rose bush grows rite.
a) rose
b) grows
c) rite

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