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Starch is a lipid
a) False
b) True

What are the monomers of lipids?
a) glycerol and fatty acids
b) amino acids
c) fats
d) starches

If you eat a lot of fried food on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair you are consuming a lot of:
a) Lipids
b) Proteins
c) Nucleic Acids
d) Carbohydrates

What is the same of DNA?
a) Double Helix
b) Single Strand
c) intertwined mesh

There are 20 molecules that make up proteins. These molecules are known as:
a) amino acids
b) nucleic acids
c) fatty acids
d) sugars

Our skin is made waterproof because of what organic compound?
a) lipids
b) proteins
c) carbohydrates
d) nucleic acids

Organic compounds always contain what two elements?
a) carbon and hydrogen
b) phosporous and carbon
c) nitrogen and carbon
d) hydrogen and helium

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature
a) True
b) False

What is an important function of lipids
a) part of cell membranes
b) make up muscles
c) sing songs to the surrounding organic molecules
d) form amino acids

Denature means
a) to destroy the characteristics and properties of a protein
b) to destroy the characteristics and properties of a lipid
c) to destroy the sturdy structure of the cell walls of plants
d) to build a carbohydrate from many monosaccharides

RNA and DNA are made of nucleic acids
a) True
b) False

Oils, butters, and waxes are all examples of what kind of organic molecule
a) lipids
b) carbohydrates
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

What is the function of proteins
a) regulate cell processes
b) store long term energy
c) carry hereditary information
d) store quick and short term energy

What is the chemical formula of glucose?
a) C6H12O6
b) C3H12O3
c) C12H2OP
d) C2H12O6

Glucose is an example of a
a) Carbohydrate
b) Lipid
c) Nucleic Acid
d) Protein

What are the 4 organic compound found in all living systems?
a) Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic Acids
b) Proteins, Enzymes, Muscles, Fats
c) Fats, Nucleic Acids, DNA, Starch
d) Lipids, Fats, Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids contain what 5 elements?
a) C H O N P
b) C H He N P
c) C O H P
d) C O N H P

What is the ratio of Hydrogen to Oxygen in Carbohydrates?
a) 2 hydrogen :1 oxygen
b) 1 hydrogen :2 oxygen
c) 3 hydrogen: 2 oxygen
d) 1 hydrogen: 1 oxygen

Proteins are bound by what type of bond?
a) Peptide bound
b) Ionic
c) Hydrogen
d) Glue

Lipids are soluble in water
a) True
b) False

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