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His abrasive voice:
a) pleasing
b) soothing
c) annoying/irritating
d) quiet

the ultimate victory:
a) final
b) close
c) fast
d) surprising

to denote change:
a) worry about
b) wish for
c) prepare for
d) to indicate

turbulent waters:
a) calm
b) arctic
c) tropical
d) a stormy

hindrance to success:
a) obstacle
b) encouragement
c) key
d) pathway

his somber speech:
a) long
b) short
c) funny
d) gloomy

an irreducible theory:
a) imposed by law
b) cannot be made simpler
c) cannot be understood
d) vague

to reconcile friends:
a) meet with
b) consult with
c) to enjoy being with
d) bring back together

to necessitate more work:
a) to require
b) to request
c) to assign
d) to perform

a passive attitude:
a) active
b) unfriendly
c) submissive
d) aggressive

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