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The study of past cultures is
a) archaeology
b) migrate
c) agriculture
d) technology

A _______________ is a society that has writing, government, social classes and specialized jobs.
a) civilization
b) town
c) mall
d) swarm

The stone age ended when __________ was discovered.
a) Metal
b) Fire
c) Helicopters
d) Stone

Can insects be domesticated?
a) Yes
b) No

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a civilization?
a) hunting and gathering
b) writing
c) social classes
d) specialized jobs

Why did Hunter-gatherers migrate?
a) to follow their food
b) to find prettier houses
c) to be near the mall

What can domesticated animals be used for?
a) food, milk, transportatino
b) to make furniture
c) tools and weapons

The way humans produce items for their use is
a) technology
b) migrate
c) surplus
d) argiculture

Movement from one place to another is
a) migrate
b) technology
c) agriculture
d) archaeology

Extra supply
a) surplus
b) technology
c) migrate
d) archaeology

The raising of plants and animals is
a) agriculture
b) surplus
c) technology
d) archaeology

A way of dividing up work and making exchanges for goods is
a) social division
b) prehistory
c) domestication
d) nomad

period of time before writing is
a) prehistory
b) domestication
c) archaeology
d) farming

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