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Hernán Cortés destroyed the powerful empire of the
a) Aztec
b) Inca
c) Maya
d) Olmec

Which man and his army conquered the Inca?
a) Atahualpa
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) Hernan Corts
d) Montezuma

Juan Ponce de León landed on the mainland of North America in search of
a) Enslaved people
b) food
c) Fountain of Youth
d) The Northwest Passage

Which was an essential part of the economy of the Spanish colonies?
a) Native American laws
b) Preists
c) Salve Labor
d) Corn

After the arrival of Europeans, many Native Americans died because of
a) disease
b) exposure to heat
c) overcrowded conditions
d) starvation

Spanish explorers is a
a) Conquistador
b) Puelbo
c) Peninaulares
d) Presidio

Peninsulares is
a) Spanish Exlporer
b) The Spanish upper class
c) A town
d) A fort

A Pueblo is
a) The middle class
b) a fort
c) a town
d) A Mission

A Mission is
a) A town
b) A religious community
c) A fort
d) The Fountain of Youth

A Presidio is
a) A town
b) A fort
c) A religious community
d) A Spanish Explorer

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