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What was supposed to happen to the Jews left in the infirmary at Buna?
a) They were set free.
b) They were to be put to work.
c) They were to be exterminated.
d) They were to be sent to another camp.

What happened to Elie's foot?
a) It was amputated.
b) It was full of puss.
c) It was broken
d) It was shot.

What kept Elie from giving up on the long march towards the end of the book.
a) The soldiers
b) Thoughts of escaping.
c) Motivational Speakers.
d) Thoughts of his father.

During the long march towards the end of the book, how did the prisoners quench their thirst?
a) Drank from a well.
b) Fought over water tossed to them by guards and workers.
c) Had water hidden in their packs.
d) Ate snow.

What was Elie's new name in the camps?
a) A-1377
b) Prisoner J-1377
c) A-7713
d) J-7713

In Night, Elie was first sent to a...
a) Concentration Camp
b) Death Camp
c) Train Station
d) Ghetto

Elie's Mother was
a) Hilda
b) Bea
c) Sarah
d) Juliek

What was the biggest change in Moshe the Beadle according to Elie?
a) He became angry.
b) He had a sadness about him.
c) We wanted to become a soldier.
d) He became a recluse.

Another name for Concentration Camp is...
a) Deaths Head
b) Death Camp
c) Internment Camp
d) SS Camp

The German Secret Police during WWII were called...
a) Gestapo
b) Calvary
c) Brown Shirts
d) Blizkrieg

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