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An animated discussion is
a) dull
b) lively
c) brief
d) a cartoon

an oppressive rule is:
a) tyrannical
b) democratic
c) loyal
d) masked

benign people:
a) evil
b) happy
c) gentle
d) unfriendly

an opaque glass
a) non- transparent
b) poorly made
c) not breakable
d) not expensive

a buoyant personality:
a) dull
b) cheerful
c) childish
d) mean

murky weather:
a) foggy
b) cold
c) hot
d) bright

congruent ideas:
a) opposing
b) revolutionary
c) coinciding
d) silly

a long invigorating swim:
a) strenuous
b) wearisome
c) enlivening
d) boring

the incessant noise
a) occasional
b) unceasing
c) loud
d) soothing

incandescent light:
a) large
b) glowing
c) cool to touch
d) covered

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