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Magma is molten rock found inside of earth, __________ is magma that has reached the surface of earth
a) cool magma
b) lava
c) volcanic eruption
d) metamorphic rock

Each mineral has its own type of __________ structure
a) fracture
b) cleavage
c) crystal
d) luster

Cleavage is the tendency of crystals to break along flat surfaces, ___________ means crystals break in irregular patterns
a) luster
b) streak
c) fracture
d) crystal structure

Open-pit mining is used to obtain ores that lie
a) under flat land
b) deep in the Earth’s crust
c) near the surface of the Earth
d) in riverbeds

Gemstones are used in
a) building materials
b) paper products
c) automobile parts
d) jewelry making

What types of minerals form in an area depends in part on
a) which elements are present
b) the types of rocks present
c) the density of rocks present
d) whether crystals can form

Many properties of a mineral are related to the
a) number of elements of which it is made
b) other types of minerals present as it formed
c) strength of bonds between its atoms
d) speed at which it formed

Which of the following is the least reliable clue to a mineral’s identity?
a) color
b) density
c) hardness
d) luster

Most minerals in Earth’s crust belong to the silicate mineral group because this group contains the:
a) rarest elements on Earth
b) most common elements on Earth
c) most valuable metals on Earth
d) largest crystals on Earth

A mineral is made up of one or more
a) ores
b) rocks
c) compounds
d) elements

How is it possible for two different minerals to have the same chemical composition?
a) They have different crystal structures
b) One is formed only by organisms
c) Only one is a rock-forming mineral
d) They have different appearances

A crystal structure is characteristic of
a) a rock
b) an element
c) magma
d) a mineral

A mineral is a substance that forms
a) from rocks
b) from nature
c) from one element
d) in liquid

The amount of mass in a given volume of a specific substance is its
a) element
b) atoms
c) density
d) weight

rocks that contain enough mineral to be profitable for mining are called
a) ores
b) crystals
c) diamond
d) rare elements

what property is more useful than color for identifying minerals?
a) luster
b) streak
c) hardness
d) density

How do you know if a mineral belongs to the carbonate group ?
a) it bubbles in the presence of an acid
b) it is light in color
c) the hardness ranges from 2 to 3
d) the crystals are large

If the bonds between atoms in a mineral are strong, the mineral will display fracture because there is no easy place to break
a) true
b) false

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