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The most accurate way to show Earth’s surface is
a) globe
b) projections
c) GIS
d) binoculars

One example of remote sensing is the use of
a) globe
b) conic projection
c) cylindrical projection
d) binoculars

a flat map shows Earth’s curved surface by means of
a) elevation
b) topography
c) relief
d) projection

People use latitude and longitude lines mostly to identify
a) map scales
b) country names
c) exact locations
d) distances

How are the major parts of the Earth system related to each other?
a) They rarely can be studied together
b) They often are in conflict
c) They usually work independently
d) They always affect each other

One way the atmosphere shapes Earth’s surface is by
a) wind
b) floods
c) earthquakes
d) tunnels

Which Earth system includes humans?
a) geosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) biosphere
d) atmosphere

The continents and ocean basins are part of the Earth’s
a) crust
b) mantle
c) inner core
d) outer core

What portion of the Earth is covered by water?
a) one-quarter
b) one-half
c) three-quarters
d) seven-eights

different colors assigned to different features which are used to highlight information is called
a) map key
b) true-color image
c) color chart
d) false-color image

To show height above sea level this is used
a) contour line
b) equator
c) latitude
d) longitude

The line at 0 degrees LONGITUDE
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) latitude
d) map legend

Imaginary line that divides the North and South hemispheres
a) Prime Meridian
b) Longitude
c) Equator
d) map scale

Imaginary lines that go from the North pole to South Pole
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) equator
d) scale

This is used to represent map distances
a) map scale
b) map key
c) longitude
d) Prime meridian

To show land features you would use a
a) map scale
b) false color image
c) longitude
d) relief map

To show distance from the equator maps use
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) map scale
d) false-color image

because the latitude and longitude lines are straight on this kind of map it distorts the areas far away from the equator
a) GIS
b) Mercator Projection
c) Conic Projection
d) Globe

These collect information about the different types of energy coming from earth surface
a) sensors
b) map legends
c) GIS
d) false-color image

Many people use __________ to find their way when driving, hiking, or boating
a) GIS
b) GPS
c) Globes
d) Conic Projections

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