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This technology holds a piece of graphite that allows you to write.
a) What is a pen?
b) What is a pencil?
c) What is a piece of chalk?
d) What is a quill?

These technologies are records of words printed to paper?
a) What is a book?
b) What is an email?
c) What is cave drawing?

Years ago, a compass solved this problem. Today we use a GPS device.
a) What is finding location/ directions?
b) What is a map?
c) What is a globe?

Can't find soap and water to wash your hands? Don't worry- this technology can clean your hands without them.
a) What is lotion?
b) What is mineral water?
c) What is hand sanitizer?

Years ago, a horse and buggy solved this problem. Today we use cars and planes.
a) What is agriculture?
b) What is transportation?
c) What is plowing?

Which is technology? A computer or the sun.
a) What is computer?
b) What is the sun?
c) both are technology

Which is technology? bicycle or birds beak.
a) birds beak
b) bicycle
c) both are a technology

Which is technology? Reading Glasses or eyes?
a) Reading Glasses
b) eyes
c) both are a technology

The doctor uses this technology when he or she wants to listen to your heart.
a) What is a megaphone?
b) What is an app?
c) What is a stethoscope?

Years ago, we used candles to solve this problem. Today we use electricity.
a) What is creating light/ seeing in the dark?
b) What is creating magnets?

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