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When should goggles be worn?
a) when working with chemicals
b) when working with matches
c) when working with glassware
d) all of the above

Tell the teacher ____________________ of any injuries, spills or breakages.
a) at the end of the activity
b) imediately
c) at the end of class

Horseplay, practical jokes and pranks are
a) okay anytime
b) okay if the teacher is in the room
c) prohibited

It is okay to eat, drink or chew gum while performing a lab.
a) True
b) False

When can you perform an experiment?
a) Whenever you want to
b) When authorized by the teacher

Always read the whole lab procedure before starting.
a) True
b) False

Who must always be present when working in the lab?
a) the principal
b) the teacher
c) your group members
d) the custodian

Where is the fire blanket located?
a) By the prep room door
b) Inside the prep room
c) By the front door
d) By the teacher's desk

Where is the fire extinguisher located?
a) By the prep room door
b) Inside the prep room
c) By the front door
d) By the teacher's desk

Conduct yourself in a _______________ manner at all times.
a) positive
b) responsible
c) good
d) All of the above

When using a blade or scalpel, always cut
a) towards your body
b) away from your body

How should you carry a microscope?
a) With 2 hands, one on the arm and one under the base
b) When 1 hand, one on the arm
c) There is no specific method

Of these choices which is the most important general rule to follow when working in the lab?
a) Never mix chemicals unless instructed to do so.
b) Immediately notify your teacher if your skin is cut.
c) Always follow your teacher’s directions.
d) Always maintain a clean work area, particularly when using a flame.

Activities done in the lab require care:
a) to keep you from being hurt
b) to eliminate injury to a fellow student
c) to obtain the correct results
d) All of the above

To test the odor of a substance:
a) place you nose near the substance
b) waft by fanning the odor to your nose
c) place a small amount of it near your nose
d) heat it before smelling it

When lighting a candle with matches, what should you do first?
a) take the match out of the box first
b) light the match first
c) put safety goggles on first
d) blow out the match to extinguish the flame

Avoid the use of broken or chipped glassware since
a) material is easily spilled from it
b) it is difficult to get an accurate reading from it
c) glassware is inexpensive
d) it has a tendency to break causing injury

A good safety technique is
a) to discard burned matches and paper towels in the sink
b) to hang articles such as a hat, sweater, etc., neatly on the nearest chair
c) to keep the area you work in neat and clean
d) to discard lighted matches with paper towels.

You should know where safety equipment is located in your laboratory and
a) how to use it in an emergency
b) where it is produced
c) to get rid of all equipment that is not useable
d) request permission from the teacher to use it in an emergency.

Important safety equipment to be found in the laboratory would include
a) an exit
b) a fire extinguisher
c) a storage area for hazardous chemicals
d) all of these would be important

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