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Which is correct concerning the structure of the Georgia State Constitution?
a) The Georgia State Constitution consists of a preamble, a series of amendments that define the government , followed by a bill
b) The Georgia State Constitution has a preamble, a list of responsibilities, and a series of amendments that explain the state'
c) The Georgia State Constitution contains a preamble, followed by a bill of rights and then a series of articles that explain t
d) The Georgia State Constitution includes a prelude, a bill of rights, and a series of articles explaining the state's governme

Dividing the government into executive, legislative, and judicial branches is MOST related to the concept of
a) Bill of Rights
b) Checks and Balances
c) separation of power
d) Political Parties

Which is NOT a function of political parties?
a) Political parties encourage people to choose a side and vote
b) Political parties make voting easier and faster.
c) Political parties bring together people with similar beliefs.
d) Political parties limit the number of candidates running in an election.

Which BEST describes the list below? * • Freedom of Religion • Freedom of Speech • Guarantee of Due Process of law
a) These are the only items that are considered rights and responsibilities of citizens
b) The list identifies rights of Georgia citizens listed in the Georgia Constitution.
c) Everything in the list was in the original Georgia Constitution, but has since been removed.
d) The items listed are all responsibilities of Georgia citizens.

Which of the following is an example of checks and balances?
a) The judicial branch hearing an original criminal case
b) The legislative branch approving or denying judges appointed by the executive branch
c) The legislative branch passing a bill
d) The executive branch sending in the National Guard to help keep the peace in a city

Which term is NOT part of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Georgia Flag?
a) Indivisible
b) Moderation
c) Justice
d) Wisdom

The system in place to ensure that no branch of government has more power than the other branch of government is called?
a) bill of rights
b) checks and balances
c) separation of power
d) political parties

Which of the following is not a responsibility of a citizen?
a) get an education
b) pay taxes
c) participate in government by voting
d) follow the laws

A 30 year old immigrant from Mexico moves to Athens, Georgia and passes the United States citizenship test. What will happen when this person goes to register to vote?
a) He/she will be denied because she is not a United State’s citizen.
b) He/she will be approved because she meets all of the qualifications.
c) He/she will be denied because she is not old enough to vote in Georgia.
d) He/she will be denied because she is not currently living in Georgia.

Each branch of government has specific powers. What is the power of the legislative branch with regards to the law-making process?
a) The legislative branch enforces the laws.
b) The legislative branch creates the laws.
c) The legislative branch vetoes the laws.
d) The legislative branch interprets the laws.

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