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Who was the first royal governor that was disliked by many?
a) James Oglethorpe
b) James Wright
c) Henry Ellis
d) John Reynolds

What effect did slavery have on Georgia?
a) It hurt the economy of the colony.
b) It caused a drop in the colony's population.
c) It allowed African Americans to have more choices.
d) It led to the plantation system within the colony.

What was the main crop produced during the royal colony of Georgia?
a) Wine
b) rice
c) indigo
d) silk

Why were the laws of the trustees overturned?
a) Georgia was failing economically.
b) It was the moral thing to do.
c) Racial reasons throughout the colony.
d) Religious reasons throughout the colony.

Which was not a rule set up by the trustees of Georgia?
a) no religious ceremonies
b) no slavery
c) no liquor
d) no selling of land

How did Georgia change in 1752?
a) It became a state.
b) It seceded from the Union.
c) It divided South Carolina.
d) It became a royal colony.

Which of the following would have NOT been a want for a malcontent in Georgia?
a) No slavery
b) ability to buy and sell land
c) freedom to buy and sell liquor
d) Allow slavery

Which group opposed the restrictions placed on the colonists by the trustees?
a) Malcontents
b) Highland Scots
c) debtors
d) Salzburgers

Which group of settlers were dedicated, brave, and settled near Darien?
a) Malcontents
b) Creeks
c) Highland Scots
d) Salzburgers

Which of the following natives helped the British to establish Georgia's first settlement on Yamacraw Bluff?
a) Atahualpa
b) Hernando DeSoto
c) Tomochichi
d) Musgrove

King George II agreed to create the colony of Georgia because
a) the Trustees promised to make the colony a Royal colony.
b) he believed it would help England economically and provide protection for the colonies.
c) he knew a revolution was coming.
d) he was against slavery.

Who wanted to establish a colony for debtors?
a) King George II
b) James Oglethorpe
c) Tomochichi
d) John Wesley

How did the founding of Georgia affect the debtors of England?
a) It really did not affect them.
b) Only Catholic debtors could enter Georgia.
c) It improved their lives greatly.
d) Most debtors became slaves in the new colony.

What is the name of Georgia's first settlement?
a) Milledgeville
b) Augusta
c) St. Simmons
d) Savannah

Which group of Lutheran settlers were expelled from the Austrian Alps?
a) missionaries
b) Salzburgers
c) Highland Scots
d) Malcontents

Under the Charter of 1732, who was NOT allowed to settle in GA?
a) Catholics
b) Protestants
c) Debtors
d) Scots

Which of the following was an interpreter between the natives and the British?
a) Mary Musgrove
b) Tomochichi
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Hernando DeSoto

Which group came to settle in Darien, Georgia?
a) Highland Scots
b) Malcontents
c) Salzburgers
d) debtors

Who was the third royal governor that helped Georgia to prosper?
a) Henry Ellis
b) James Oglethorpe
c) James Wright
d) Hernando DeSoto

Who was the 2nd royal governor that worked well with the natives and legislature?
a) Henry Ellis
b) Mary Musgrove
c) James Wright
d) James Oglethorpe

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