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Who wanted to establish the colony of Georgia and became Georgia's first leader?
a) James Oglethorpe
b) John Reynolds
c) King George II
d) Tomochichi

Which of the following was an indian chief that helped to settle the British in Savannah, Georgia on Yamacraw Bluff?
a) Mary Musgrove
b) Atahualpa
c) Tomochichi
d) John Wesley

Which of the following describes James Oglethorpe?
a) leader and member of Parliament
b) king of England
c) He did not believe in establishing a relationship with the natives.
d) He wanted to create a safe place for the Catholics to settle.

Which of the following could not be settlers of Georgia?
a) Protestants
b) debtors
c) Catholic
d) tradesmen

Which of the following is a reason the British wanted to establish the colony of Georgia?
a) To sell slaves
b) To have a military base to attack the Spanish in South Carolina
c) To produce silk and other products that they normally had to import
d) To have a safe place for Catholics to practice their religion

How did the founding of GA affect the debtors of England?
a) It didn't really affect the debtors of England.
b) Only Catholic debtors were allowed to enter GA.
c) It improved their lives greatly.
d) Most debtors were slaves.

Which event occurred first?
a) Salzburgers arrived
b) Charter of 1732
c) Malcontents arrival
d) Savannah established as a settlement

Under the Charter of 1732, who was NOT allowed to settle in GA?
a) Catholics
b) Scots
c) Debtors
d) Missionaries

Who was the interpreter between the Natives and British?
a) Tomochichi
b) John Reynolds
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Mary Musgrove

Who opposed restriction on slavery, land sales, and liquor?
a) Malcontents
b) Highland Scots
c) Salzburgers
d) Royal Governors

Which group of settlers were expelled from the Austrian Alps?
a) Salzburgers
b) Malcontents
c) Highland Scots
d) Missionaries

Who were the Scotsmen who settled in Georgia during the colonial period?
d) Highland Scots

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