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The main causes of the Civil War were______ and _______ .
a) States' rights and Freedman's Bureau
b) States' rights and slavery
c) slavery and farming
d) factories and farming

Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant ending the war?
a) Gettsyburg
b) Fort Sumter
c) Appomattox Court House
d) Atlanta

What was the novel that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote about slavery?
a) Uncle Tom's Cabin
b) Uncle Henry's House
c) Aunt Sue's Cabin
d) Abraham Lincoln's View on Slavery

What was the purpose of General Sherman's March to the Sea?
a) to capture Jefferson Davis
b) to punish Southerners for the death of Abraham Lincoln
c) to destroy everything in Georgia so that the South would lose hope that they could win

What was a nickname for someone living in the South?
a) Yankee
b) Rebel

Who was Jefferson Davis?
a) President of the United States during the Civil War
b) President of the Confederate States of American during the Civil War
c) President of Georgia
d) President of the Underground Railroad

What does secede mean?
a) to free
b) to go against
c) tax
d) to leave or break away

What was a nickname for people living in the North?
a) Yankee
b) Rebel

An abolitionist is
a) someone who is against slavery.
b) someone who supports slavery.
c) a nickname for someone living in the North
d) a nickname for someone living in the South

Abraham Lincoln hoped to ______ the slaves.
a) revolt
b) secede
c) emancipate
d) tariff

The United States passed a law that made a higher ____ on cotton that was shipped to Europe.
a) revolt
b) tax
c) secede
d) emancipate

This Confederal general was shot during a battle, lost his arm, and died a few days later.
a) Ulysses S. Grant
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Stonewall Jackson
d) Abraham Lincoln

Why did 11 southern states secede from the United States right after Lincoln was elected?
a) He was a republican, and they didn't like republicans.
b) The South feared he might try to end slavery.
c) He was going to raise taxes on slavery.
d) He was a democrat, and they didn't like democrats.

Who were considered the Union?
a) the south
b) the north

Who were considered the Confederacy?
a) the north
b) the south

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