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soldiers who led military expeditions in the Americas
a) conquistadors
b) encomienda
c) plantations
d) presidios

What rights were granted to Spanish settlers under the encomienda system?
a) They could import African slaves to the Americas without documentation.
b) They could tax local American Indians or make them work.
c) They could punish American Indians who did not attend church services.
d) They could start plantations on local American Indian land.

What was the conquistadors’ biggest advantage in defeating the Aztec and the Inca?
a) Strong leadership
b) steel armor and weapons
c) larger armies
d) immunity to smallpox

The Spanish quest for riches had what major impact on the Americas?
a) settling all of North America
b) positive relationships with the Aztecs and Incas
c) finding the northwest passage
d) destruction of the Aztec and Inca empire

Europeans wanted to find a ________________________ that would allow them to sail through North America to the Pacific Ocean.
a) Charter
b) Armada
c) Northwest Passage
d) Mythical Map

Which of the following best describes the Columbian Exchange?
a) New plants and animals were brought to Europe and the Americas.
b) Explorers shipped stolen wheat and barley to Europe.
c) A successful trade route between the Europe and the Americas.
d) Columbus discovered new animals in the Americas and wrote to Europe about them.

Which Spaniard led the defeat of the Inca?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) Juan Ponce de León
c) Hernan Cortés
d) Francisco Pizarro

What did Bartolomé de Las Casas do to try to change Spain's way of governing in the Americas?
a) He wrote books and letters defending the American Indians by speaking out against their abuse.
b) He revised laws regarding the use of African slaves.
c) He complained about the treatment of plantation owners.
d) He insisted on the use of American Indians for plantation work.

The Columbian Exchange had deadly effects, such as
a) bringing the bubonic plague and the Black Death to Florence.
b) infecting Native Americans with new and deadly diseases.
c) spreading measles, smallpox, and typhus throughout Europe.
d) robbing Native Americans of corn, tomatoes, tobacco, and cocoa.

Which statement describes the GREATEST impact of European settlement on Native Americans?
a) European settlers introduced tools and weapons to the colonies and developed a trading system with the Native Americans.
b) European settlers introduced Christianity to the colonies and converted the Native American population.
c) European settlers introduced new diseases to the colonies and caused the Native American population to decrease substantially
d) European settlers introduced slaves to the colonies and ended the need for the Native American labor.

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