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How did the collapse of the western Roman Empire affect Europe?
a) Germanic invaders expanded territorial claims
b) Christianity declined in eastern areas
c) Farmers abandoned rural districts
d) Trade networks shifted to northern areas

How did the Silk Road contribute most to the development of China?
a) It allowed China to import raw materials to fuel factories.
b) It helped China to protect its borders from foreign invaders
c) It enabled China to export luxury goods to foreign countries
d) It led China to acquire innovative technologies from foreign countries

Which statement describes how the Silk Road influenced cultural interactions?
a) Mongol armies conquered an empire in Asia
b) Italian cities controlled trade in Europe
c) Persian troops conquered new territory in Asia
d) Chinese goods became available in Europe.

Which development was an accomplishment of the Mauryan Empire?
a) the expansion of Islam into Central Asia
b) the advancement of navigation technology in China
c) the establishment of Buddhism in Southeast Asia
d) the implementation of the civil service exam in the Middle East

What was one result of European merchants trading along the Silk Road?
a) rise in the status of the nobles
b) increase in the educational system
c) growth of a standing army in the empire
d) expansion of trade in the empire

Which statement best explains a significant effect of the various routes of the Silk Road?
a) Religious conflict between China and the Middle East intensified.
b) Military invasions of African nations increased.
c) The spread of new technologies to the Americas improved.
d) Trade between Europe and Asia expanded.

What was the purpose of the Great Wall built during the Qin Dynasty?
a) to stop attacks by northern nomads
b) to prevent subjects from fleeing Qin rule
c) o control commerce on the Silk Road
d) to mark the border across the Gobi Desert

The diffusion of aqueduct technology occurred because of which development?
a) the growth of Middle East trade
b) the spread of Islam in North Africa
c) the expansion of the Roman Empire
d) the Macedonian conquest of Asia Minor

Which characteristic do Buddhism and Hinduism share?
a) a rigid social system
b) the belief in a single deity
c) a faith in divine salvation
d) the concept of karma

Which modern-day country contains the original capital city of the Byzantine Empire?
a) Italy
b) France
c) Greece
d) Turkey

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