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Pertaining to the neck
a) Thoracic
b) Carpal
c) Lumbar
d) Cervical

Pertaining to the mouth
a) Orbital
b) Oral
c) Buccal
d) Acromial

Pertaining to the navel region
a) Abdominal
b) Scapular
c) Umbilical
d) Inguinal

Pertaining to the fingers
a) Digital
b) Carpal
c) Brachial
d) Axillary

Pertaining to the thigh
a) Plantar
b) Fibular
c) Femoral
d) Tarsal

Pertaining to the back of the head
a) Orbital
b) Occipital
c) Buccal
d) Brachial

Pertaining to the buttocks
a) Fibular
b) Gluteal
c) Cephalic
d) Femoral

Pertaining to the ankle
a) Tarsal
b) Plantar
c) Fibular
d) Acromial

Pertaining to lower back
a) Lumbar
b) Inguinal
c) Umbilical
d) Thoracic

Pertaining to the wrist
a) Carpal
b) Digital
c) Axillary
d) Deltoid

Pertaining to the heel of foot
a) Tarsal
b) Plantar
c) Calcaneal
d) Patellar

Pertaining to posterior surface of the elbow
a) Pelvic
b) Antecubital
c) Brachial
d) Olecranal

Pertaining to the arm
a) Gluteal
b) Cephalic
c) Crural
d) Brachial

This term means pertaining to the chest
a) Thoracic
b) Sternal
c) Scapular
d) Femoral

This term means pertaining to the anterior surface of knee
a) Popliteal
b) Antecubital
c) Patellar
d) Plantar

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