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el cine
a) concert
b) circus
c) movies
d) museum

a) stadium
b) circus
c) to go by taxi
d) beach

ir en metro
a) to go by foot
b) to take a taxi
c) to go by subway
d) to go by plane

a) discoteca
b) parque de atracciones
c) fiesta
d) playa

a) island
b) ice
c) ice cream
d) cold

ir a pie
a) to ride a bike
b) to walk
c) to go by tren
d) to go by car

were would I go to see a movie
a) museo
b) playa
c) cine
d) teatro

ir means what
a) to go
b) to sing
c) to walk
d) to ride

the place at your house where you do not want someone to use the bathroom
a) teatro
b) cine
c) estadio
d) piscina

all of these have to do with vacation except
a) playa
b) mar
c) isla
d) tarea

which is not a word for car
a) carro
b) playa
c) coche
d) automóvil

Carowinds is a....
a) museo
b) estadio
c) parque de atracciones
d) teatro

what is a cosa
a) thing
b) food
c) pet
d) adjective

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