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A _________ is used as a standard for comparison in an experiment
a) control
b) theory
c) scientific law
d) constant

A ___________ is an explanation supported by experimental results
a) conclusion
b) theory
c) scientific law
d) model

Study of science for the sole purpose of advancing our knowledge is called
a) experimental
b) pure
c) hypothetical
d) technological

An experiment is used for testing a __________
a) model
b) theory
c) law
d) hypothesis

The ______ describes the steps followed in conducting an experiment.
a) problem
b) procedure
c) conclusion
d) data

A scientific ________ is sometimes called a rule of nature
a) theory
b) law
c) model
d) hypothesis

This type of science applies information that may have been learned in pure science.
a) physical
b) applied
c) model
d) behavioral

______ is the practical use of scientific information.
a) science
b) technology
c) hypothesis
d) theory

Which type of science deals with physics and chemistry?
a) life science
b) physical science
c) zoology
d) earth science

This is an idea, system, or structure that represents whatever you are trying to explain.
a) problem
b) model
c) technology
d) thought

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