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Hernando de Soto began his travels near present-day
a) Tampa, Florida
b) Atlanta, Georgia
c) Memphis, Tennessee
d) Vicksburg, Mississippi

Hernando de Soto crossed the Mississippi River for the first time near the site of present-day city of
a) Natchez, Mississsippi
b) Memphis, Tennessee
c) Little Rock, Arkansas
d) Vicksburg, Mississippi

How did de Soto's march through Georgia change the lives and culture of the Native Americans?
a) The expedition introduced them to new types of food
b) The expedition resulted in the death of thousands of Native Americans
c) The expedition set up new trading opportunities for Native Americans
d) The expedition was responsible for converting Native Americans to Catholicism

Which country was NOT a major colonizer in North America?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) Great Britain
d) France

The first Spanish settlement in the New World was built at
a) Jamestown, Virginia
b) Los Angeles, California
c) St. Augustine, Florida
d) Yamacraw Bluff

IN 1566, The Spaniards founded Georgia's first Spanish Mission, Mission Santa Catalina on which island?
a) Key West
b) St. Catherine's Island
c) St. Simon's Island
d) Catalina Island

The main purpose of the Spanish Missions in the Barrier Islands was to
a) Convert the Indians to the Catholic faith
b) Claim land for Spain
c) Provide protection for European settlers
d) Establish trade with Spain

Which was NOT a reason for the decline of the Spanish Missions on Georgia's Barrier Islands?
a) Pirate raids on the coast destroyed many missions
b) Some Indians resettled in areas not served by the missions
c) Some missions were raided by Indians who were allied with the British
d) Once the Indians became Catholics, the missions were no longer needed

Why was de Soto's expedition considered a failure?
a) De Soto's men died of disease
b) De Soto did not find any gold or riches
c) De Soto traveled in the wrong direction
d) De Soto died before the expedition was finished

Who was the first explorer to enter present-day Georgia?
a) Ponce de Leon
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) Hernando de Soto
d) Ferdinand Magellan

Who was the Indian leader who helped Oglethorpe to settle Savannah?
a) Squanto
b) Chattahoochee
c) Tomochichi
d) Withlacoochee

The first European country to stake a claim in Georgia was
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Spain

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