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Which native culture was the oldest?
a) Woodlamd
b) Archaic
c) Paleo
d) Mississippian

What was invented by the Archaic group?
a) spear
b) bow and arrow
c) pottery
d) hunting

Who introduced the bow and arrow?
a) Woodland
b) Archaic
c) Mississippian
d) Paleo

What impact did horticulture have on native Americans?
a) easier hunting
b) changed to eating shellfish
c) better pottery
d) better farming meant they didn't have to move around

Which best describes the Paleo life?
a) farmers
b) lots of mounds
c) migratory (moved around, hunting and gathering)
d) hunted rabbits

Who lived in the most advanced and permanent villages?
a) Woodland
b) Paleo
c) Archaic
d) Mississippian

These 1st inhabitants lived in Georgia between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago.
a) Mississippian
b) Paleo
c) Archaic
d) Woodland

What group lived here when the Europeans came?
a) Mississippian
b) Woodland
c) Archaic
d) Paleo

What was distinctive about the Mississippians?
a) They were the 1st white settlers from Europe
b) They were the last undisturbed group before the Europeans came
c) They came from Spain
d) They discovered America

Which is NOT true about Hernando DeSoto?
a) He was buried in the Mississippi River
b) He never found much gold
c) He was from France
d) He led his men through Georgia, often disrupting Indian life

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