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Old Man Tator caught Joe, Alan, and Billy _______________.
a) stealing peaches
b) playing tennis on his court
c) climbing over his fence
d) taking his dinner

Tom wasn't with his friends the night before because _____________.
a) he was being punished for taking peaches
b) his mother kept him inside for not eating his dinner
c) he had tennis lessons
d) he was helping his mother make peach preserves

Alan bet Billy ___________ dollars that he would not eat 15 worms.
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 50
d) 15

Alan said he would get money for the bet from _____________________.
a) his allowance
b) his birthday gifts
c) doing odd jobs for his uncle over the summer
d) his savings account

What were the other conditions of the bet?
a) The worms could be boiled, stewed, fried, fricasseed with ketchup or mustard AND there had to be a witness present
b) The worms could have anything on them as long as they were raw AND Alan or Joe had to be present during the eating of it
c) The worms could be boiled, stewed, fried, or fricasseed as long as nothing was on the AND all four boys had to be present

Why did Billy want to win the bet?
a) Billy wanted to buy a pet dog he had seen in the pet shop.
b) Billy was saving his money to buy a lawn mower, so he could go into a summer business
c) Billy wanted to buy a tennis racket, so he could take lessons over the summer
d) Billy wanted to buy a minibike that belonged to George Cunningham's brother.

Tom said it was not fair to ________________________.
a) get worms over 5 inches long
b) get the worms from the manure pile
c) get green worms from the tomato patch
d) get a worm that was under the daisies

For the first worm, Joe finally chose ________________________.
a) a fat green worm
b) a two inch caterpillar
c) a night crawler

Tom compared the first worm to ________________.
a) a python
b) a jungle vine that Tarzan would swing on
c) a lasso
d) a fireman's hose

The author, Thomas Rockwell, wrote How to Eat Fried Worms to _________i______.
a) inform students about the dangers of eating unclean foods
b) entertain the reader with an amusing story
c) teach students how to eat a balanced diet
d) persuade the reader to not take bets from friends

Billy was _______________ to get ready to eat the first worm.
a) telling jokes
b) reading to get his mind clear
c) singing calming songs
d) exercising

Last winter Billy took a bet to _______________________.
a) take a pack of seven dogs on a hike around the block
b) sleep with Tom's dog Martha
c) sleep out all night in the igloo they build in Tom's yard
d) take a dip in the outside pool during the coldest time at night

Tom brought the first worm for Billy to eat on ___________________
a) a pile of dirt
b) a chipped flowered dish
c) a bed of lettuce
d) a silver platter

Tom prepared the first worm by ________________________
a) mashing it into a paste
b) chopping it into bite sized pieces
c) boiling it
d) rolling it in ketchup

After eating the first worm, __________________________
a) Billy threw up
b) Billy fainted
c) Billy hopped around and flapped his arms
d) Bill ran away

Joe said if Billy kept eating the worms, he would ________________ to keep him from being able to eat it
a) spread hot sauce on it
b) spike it with pepepr
c) rub vinegar on it

While Billy was eating the second worm, Joe and Alan __________________________
a) told jokes
b) kept whispering
c) talked about germs
d) laughed

Billy said the hardest thing about eating worms was ____________
a) the taste
b) the way Alan and Joe talked
c) the way it was cooked
d) the thought of the worms

What did Tom tell Billy to do while eating the worms?
a) think about fish
b) close his eyes
c) ignore Alan and Joe
d) concentrate on one bite at a time

Billy imagined __________________________
a) riding his new dirt bike in school and church
b) chasing Alan and Joe on his new mini bike
c) racing the mini bike in a bike race
d) giving Milly Butler a ride on his new bike

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