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What do simple columnar cells do and where might I find them?
a) absorb nutrients and secrete mucus and they are found in the intestines
b) absorb water and they are found in the kidneys
c) allows exchange of nutrients and found in the blood vessels
d) act like fools and they can be found in Dante because he acts like a fool too much

What body cavity is the brain located?
a) spinal
b) cranial
c) thoracic
d) abdominal pelvic

The cranial and spinal cavities make up what cavity?
a) Ventral body cavity
b) Pericardial cavity
c) Dorsal body cavity
d) Superior body cavity

If I am looking at the right iliac region what region is to the left?
a) right lumbar
b) umbilical region
c) left hypochondriac
d) hypogastic region

If I am looking at the umbilical region which region is superior?
a) Epigastic region
b) hypogastric region
c) left hypochondriac
d) right hypochondriac

which muscle separates the thoracic and abdominal pelvic cavities?
a) Lungs
b) diaphragm
c) heart
d) none

The thoracic and abdominal pelvic cavities make up which cavity?
a) dorsal body cavity
b) cranial body cavity
c) ventral body cavity
d) pericardial body cavity

I saw Jerick Zunie not participating in the run-a-thon and I asked why and he told me shin splints. What region is he being a baby about?
a) femoral
b) gluteal
c) sural
d) crural

I always tell my defensive lineman to use their hands. Which two regions are the supposed to use?
a) digital and carpal
b) tarsal, and popliteal
c) pubic and pelvic
d) sternal and buccal

What are all the regions associated with the head?
a) oral, buccal, nasal, occipital, orbital, cervical
b) oral, buccal, nasal, occipital, orbital, abdominal
c) oral, buccal, nasal, occipital, orbital, cephalic
d) oral, buccal, nasal, occipital, orbital, sternal

Sometimes students come in smelling like big foots pubic region. What part of the body might they need to put DO to stop their BO?
a) tarsal
b) pubic
c) oral
d) axillary

In football hip pads cover this region
a) pubic
b) coxal
c) popliteal
d) sternal

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